Mrs India Global 2023 Press Release

Amrut Veni DQUE Mrs India Global 2022 title is now owned by Kripa Dharmaraj

Tamilian beauty Kripa Dharmaraj wins Amrut Veni DQUE Mrs India Global 2022 title. Mrs. India Global 2022 first runner-up is gained by Hamsini Shiv from Karnataka and Mrs. India Global 2022 second runner-up by Varsha Gohil from Maharashtra. The 2nd edition of Mrs. India Global 2022 was conducted in a colorful event held at Le Meridien on August 1st. Jebitha Ajit, Managing Director, Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd, crowned the winners with golden crowns.

Subtitle Winners

Mrs India Solidarity – Sagarika Panda

Mrs India Fashionista – Dr Alina Thomas

Mrs India Popularity Queen – Reshma S Totad

Mrs India Sensational – Pallavi Pandeshwar

Mrs India Diligent – Varsha

Mrs India Inspiring – Seema V Shetty

Mrs India Vivacious – Reshma S Totad

Mrs India Shining Star – Jyoti Arora Gangwani

Mrs India Best Ramp Walk – Kripa Dharmaraj

Mrs India Tenacious – Princy Lee Philip

Regional Title Winners

Mrs. India Global North – Pallavi Pandeshwar from Delhi

Mrs. India Global South – Dr Alina Thomas from Kerala

Mrs. India Global East – Sayeeda Naseemunisa from West Bengal

Mrs. India Global West – Jyoti Arora Gangwani from Gujarat

Reji Bhaskar (fashion photographer), Bia Sindhu (Image Consultant), Dr Jayashree Chandramohan (fitness therapist), Dr Thomas Nechupadam (Aesthetic and cosmetic specialist) was lined up in the judging panel.

The winners wore golden crowns designed by Palakkad Jewellers. The Mrs India Global 2022 title winner received a DQUE gift prize of Rs 1,00,000, while the first runner up and second runner up received gift prizes of Rs 60,000 and Rs 40,000, respectively. The competition was organized according to the norms set by the government in the context of the spread of Covid.

Amrut Veni and DQUE Face and Skin Body Friendly Soap are the main sponsors and this event is organized by Pegasus Global Private Limited. SAJ Earth Resort and Convention Center, Manappuram Finance Ltd, Unique Times and DQ are the Powered by partners. The competition is organized to showcase the diverse and rich cultural values of the country and promote tourism.

Co-partners are Good Day Hotels and Resorts, FICF, Parakkat Resort, Kalpana International, Nechupadam Dental Clinic, Times New, UT World, Aishwaria Advertisements, Europe Times, Photogenic Fashion and Weddings, UT TV, Udaya Sounds, Green Media and JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Dr. Alina Thomas from Kerala, Hamsini Shiv from Karnataka, Jyoti Arora Gangwani from Karnataka, Kripa Dharmaraj from Tamil Nadu, Pallavi Pandeshwaraa from Karnataka, Princy Lee Philip from Kerala, Reshma S Totad from Karnataka, Sagarika Panda from Odisha, Sayeeda Naseemunisa from West Bengal, Seema V Shetty from Karnataka and Varsha Gohil from Maharashtra were the contestants.

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