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Miss Queen of India 2022 Press Release

Vaishnavi Sharma crowned as Manappuram DQUE Miss Queen of India 2022

Pegasus Event Production Company marks another milestone by organizing the 11th edition of Miss Queen of India. Manappuram Finance Ltd and DQUE present Miss Queen of India 2022 title was won by   Vaishnavi Sharma from Rajasthan. Meharmeet Kaur from Maharashtra earned the Miss Queen of India First Runner-up title and Abinaya Subramanian from Tamil Nadu won the Miss Queen of India 2nd Runner-up title. Miss Queen of India 2022 was conducted on March 19th at Le Meridian Kochi. Dr Ajit Ravi Pegasus, Chairman of Pegasus and Mrs Jebitha Ajit, Managing Director of Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd were also present. Lakshmi Menon, actress and model crowned the title winner.

Subtitle Winners

Miss Congeniality – Shanmughapriya N

Miss Ramp Walk – Deeksha Narang

Miss Talent – Chandralekha Nath

Miss Photogenic – Gouri Gothankar

Miss Popular – Abinaya Subramanian

Miss Social Media – Shanmughapriya N

Miss Pretty Hair – Kashish Arora

Miss Glowing Skin – Meharmeet Kaur

Miss Dazzling Smile – Dachani Santha Soruban

Miss Personality – Afrin Sayeda

Chavara Best Bride to be India – Vaishnavi Sharma

Regional Title Winners

Miss Queen North – Shrutika Sharma

Miss Queen South – Shwetha Jayaram

Miss Queen West – Aqsa Varghese

The winners were crowned with a gold crown designed by Parakkat Jewelers. Model and actress Lakshmi Menon crowned the winner. Hari Anand (Fashion Designer), Lakshmi Menon (Model and Actress), Alesia Raut (Model and Grommer), and Siddhant Vir Suryavanshi (Actor and Model) was on the judging panel. The competition was organized according to the protocol set by the government in the context of the Covid spread.

The event is presented by Manappuram Finance Limited and DQUE. SAJ Earth Resorts, DQUE 78 TFM Grade One Soap, Naturals School of Makeup & VPS Lakeshore Hospital are ​​the Powered by Partners. Co-partners are Kalpana International, Zipfit Windows, Federal International Chamber Forum, Aiswaria Outdoor Media, UT TV, Unique Times, Times New, Europe Times, UT World, Fashion Konnect, Naturals School of Makeup, Photogenic Fashion & Weddings, Udaya Sound, Juzt shine Family Fitness, Million Dots, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Parakkat Jewels and Green Media. The competition is organized to showcase the diverse and rich cultural values ​​of the country and to promote tourism.

Abinaya Subramaniam from Tamilnadu, Afrin Syeda from Karnataka, Aishwarya from Rajasthan, Aqsa Varghese from Maharashtra, Chandralekha Nath from Kerala, Deeksha Narang from Maharashtra, Deepthi Srirangam from Andhrapradesh, Dhachani Santha Soruban from Tamilnadu, Gauri Gothankar  from Maharashtra, Kajal Bhardwaj from Rajasthan, Kashish Arora from Delhi, Komal Singh from Rajasthan, Meharmeet Kaur from Maharashtra, Reema Ravishankar from Kerala, Shanmugha Priya N from Tamilnadu, Shruti Raul from Maharashtra, Shrutika Sharma from Uttarakhand, Swetha Jayaram from Kerala and Vaishnavi Sharma from Rajasthan were the contestants.

Miss Queen of India 2021 Press Release

Yogita Tejpal Rathore from Maharashtra crowned as Manappuram Miss Queen of  India 2021. Nishka Mehta owns Miss Queen of India 2021 First Runner Up and Aishwarya Saju won Miss Queen of India 2021 second runner-up. Manappuram Miss Queen of India 2021 conducted on March 30 at 6 pm at the Gokulam Convention Center, Kaloor. Manappuram Finance Ltd MD & CEO Shri. V. P. Nandakumar Pegasus Trust Chairman Dr. Ajit Ravi was also present. Former Miss Queen of India winner Lakshmi Menon crowned the title winners.

Subtitle Winners

Miss Ramp Walk – Riya Mekkatukalam

Miss Talent – Neusy R Jain

Miss Photogenic – Vividha Shinde

Miss Viewers’ Choice – Ashmita Kaushik

Miss Social Media – Aishwarya Saju

Miss Congeniality – Megha Shetty

Miss Personality – Nishka Mehta

Regional Title Winners

Miss Queen North – Ashmita Kaushik

Miss Queen South – Anu Tressa

Miss Queen East – Aindrila De Sarkar

Miss Queen West – Riya Mekkatukulam

The winners were crowned with a gold crown designed by Parakkat Jewelers.Bhakti Rawal (Social Media Influencer) Hari Anand (Fashion Designer) Sajimon Parayil (Actor, Fashion Designer) Dr. Jeemol Jabin (Mrs. India World Wide Champion) was on the judging panel. The competition was organized according to the protocol set by the government in the context of the Covid expansion. The event was conducted in both live and virtual mode.

The event is co-sponsored by Manappuram Finance Limited and DQUE and is organized by Pegasus Global Pvt. Ltd. SAJ Earth Resort and Convention Center, Medimix are ​​the Powered by Partner. The competition is organized to showcase the diverse and rich cultural values ​​of the country and to promote tourism.Co-partners are Unique Times, Sunny Paints, Parakat Resort, Kalpana International, Riti Jewelery, Times New, UT World, Aishwarya Advertise, Europe Times, VK Weiss, UT TV, Green Media and Fashion Connect.

Aishwarya Saju (Kerala) Anu Tressa (Kerala) Khushi Arun / Abhivyathi Arun (Uttar Pradesh) Asmita Kaushik (New Delhi) Andrila De Sarkar (West Bengal) Preity Bhattacharya (West Bengal) Rovino Lama (Nagaland) Sakshi (Jharkhand) Megha Shetty (Maharashtra) Neusy Jain (Maharashtra), Nishka Mehta (Maharashtra), Riya Makkattukulam (Maharashtra), Vivida Shinde (Maharashtra) and Yogita Tejpal Rathore (Maharashtra) were the contestants for Miss Queen of India 2021.

Pegasus Global Private Limited

Miss Queen of India 2019 Press Release

Ms. Tanya Sinha from Jharkhand Crowned Manappuram Miss Queen Of India 2019

Ms. Tanya Sinha , from Jharkhand was selected today as Manappuram Miss Queen Of India 2019 presented by Manappuram Finance Ltd, an event organised by Pegasus, at Saj Earth Resorts and Convention Centre Kochi.
Ms. Nikita Thomas from Kerala and Ms. Samiksha Singh from Delhi were the first and second runners up respectively. Mr. Tom Jose, Chief Secretary, Kerala State crowned the winner Miss Queen Of India 2019. Mr. V P Nandakumar, MD & CEO of Manappuram Finance Ltd crowned the first and second runner up winners.

Manappuram Finance Limited is the prime partner of the 9th edition of Miss Queen Of India hosted by Pegasus. In this event, twenty beautiful ladies from different Indian states competed for the title. In addition, DQUE watches, SAJ Earth Resort & convention centre and Unique Times are the powered-by-partners of the event. Pegasus is conducting fashion pageants in such a way that the competitors can enter the International competitions without the Bikini round.

The grooming session of the beauty contest, which had three prime rounds such as designer saree, black cocktail and red gown rounds, was commenced at SAJ Earth Resort & convention centre, Kochi. The session, which were handled by prominent personalities in the modelling sector, and which aims to impart knowledge in yoga, meditation, personality development, beauty care, catwalk, photo shoot and talent search to the contestants, helped the ladies to gain more confidence.

Eminent personalities from the film and fashion sectors were present in the judging panel of the event for judging and guiding the contestants. The Judges were, Anjali Raut Gill (Mrs India 2018), Divya MS (Gladrags Mrs India South), Prof. Dr. Sir GD Singh (President – WPDO), Mrs. Toshma Biju (Managing Editor of Kanyaka Fortnightly) and Reshma RK Nambiar (First Runner Up Miss Glam World 2019).
The winners were crowned with the golden crown and were awarded with the mementos. The winners are also given work contracts.

Apart from the winners, the judging panel also selected:

Miss Queen North: Ritika Raghav (UP), Kriti Goyal (Rajastan)
Miss Queen West: Divija Gambhir (Maharashtra)
Miss Queen East: Pankojini Dash (Odisha)
Miss Queen South: Nikita Thomas (Kerala)

The Sub-title winners are:

Miss Beautiful Hair: Rhea Rawal (Gujarat)
Miss Beautiful Smile: Bhavana Sirpa (Telangana)
Miss Beautiful Eyes: Bhavana Sirpa (Telangana)
Miss Congeniality: Pankojini Dash (Odisha)
Miss Personality: Tarini Kalingarayar (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Catwalk: Konchitha John (Kerala)
Miss Perfect Ten: Aishwarya Adarkar (Maharashtra)
Miss Talent: Ritu Ailani (Maharashtra)
Miss Photogenic: Tarini Kalingarayar (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Viewers’ Choice: Bhavana Sirpa (Telangana) –
Miss Social Media: Swagnika Bhattacharjee (Meghalaya)-
Miss Fitness: Ritu Ailani (Maharashtra)

The VPN IBE Women Entrepreneur Award was also given at the venue, for 6 successful women entrepreneurs. The VPN International Business Excellence award is an International award to honor the business persons in their respective fields, irrespective of small, medium, or corporate.

The Award winners were Mrs. Annamma Joseph Kottukapally (Professional Excellency Award in Culinary Innovation for the year 2019), Anne Sajeev (Maverick Woman Entrepreneur Award for the year 2019), Dr. Nilufer Sheriff (Professional Excellency Award in Health Care), Liza Mayan (Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur Award for the year 2019), Roopa George (Women Excellency Award in Social and Welfare for the year) and Saroja Thambi Chamundi (Professional Excellency Award in Medical Tourism for the year 2019).

Only invited guests were permitted access to the venue where the program took place. Those received the invitation had been advised to wear white, blue, red or black coloured dress.

Kalpana International, Aiswarya Advertising, Europe Times, The Times New, FICF, Fitness For Ever, Neo TourEx Pvt Ltd, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Ut TV, UT World, Asia Business Forum 2019, CIHF and Asian African are the event partners of Miss Queen of India 2019.

The contestants were: Aishwarya Adarkar (Maharashtra), Amanda Delilah Vas (Goa) , Bhavana Sirpa (Telangana), Dipti shankdhar (UP), Divija Gambhir (Maharashtra), Konchitha John (Kerala) , Kriti Goyal (Rajasthan), Mallica Mishra (UP), Niketha Shetty (Karnataka), Nikita Thomas (Kerala), Niranjana Suresh (Kerala), Pankojini Dash (Odisha), Rhea Rawal (Gujarat), Ritika Raghav (UP) , Ritu Ailani (Maharashtra), Samiksha Singh (Delhi), Swagnika Bhattacharjee (Meghalaya), Tanya Sinha (Jharkhand), Tarini Kalingarayar (Tamil Nadu) and Vaidehee Sawant (Maharashtra)