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Mrs Kerala Global 2024 Press Release

Revathy Mohan has been crowned as the winner of the prestigious Mrs Kerala Global 2024 title, presented by Unique Times and DQUE Soap. The grand event, organized by Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd, took place at Le Meridien in Kochi on May 13th. Alongside Revathy Mohan, Ashitha P S secured the first runner-up position, while Julia Mariam Vijobi was honored as the second runner-up. The winners were crowned by Pegasus Chairman Ajit Ravi and Managing Director Jebitha Ajit.

12 skilled contestants, chosen through an intense audition process, demonstrated their talents at the grand finale. The event was a magnificent exhibition of elegance and composure.

Subtitle Winners

Mrs Kerala Solidarity – Gopika K

Mrs Kerala Fashionista – Viji K Viswanathan

Mrs Kerala Diligent – Ashitha P S

Mrs Kerala Inspiring – Thushara George

Mrs Kerala Vivacious – Roshni Vinodkumar

Mrs Kerala Shining Star – Pooja

Mrs Kerala Ramp Walk – Anagha P John

Mrs Kerala Tenacious – Sangeetha Sanal

Mrs Kerala Renaissance – Ramya P

Mrs Kerala Congeniality – Julia Mariam Vijobi

Mrs Kerala Talent – Revathy Mohan

Mrs Kerala Humaneness – Sheena V Kunnuth

The judging panel consisted of distinguished individuals, including Reshma George (Bharatnatyam Dancer), Lakshmi Atul (Director, Aries Group of Companies), Renju Renjimar (Celebrity Makeup Artist), and Nisha Mathew (entrepreneur, actor, and producer).

Subtitles winners were selected by a panel of prominent figures, heightening the event’s excitement. Winners received exquisitely crafted gold crowns presented by Preeti Prakash from Parakkat Jewelers.

The pageant was bolstered by major partners like Unique Times and DQUE 78 TFM Grade One Soap, and was further supported by Manappuram Finance Ltd, SAJ Group, VIBE, Mr Light, and Parakkat Resorts as powered by partners. Co-partners included Aiswaria Advertisements, FICF, Kalpana International Salon & Spa, Times New, UT World, Europe Times, Vee Kay Vees Caterers, Gireesh Photography, Alcazar, Neenu Pro The Sound Experts, Green Media, St Joseph Hospital, Akshay Inco, and JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Anagha P John, Ashitha P S, Gopika K, Julia Mariam Vijobi, Pooja, Ramya P, Revathy Mohan, Roshni Vinodkumar, Sangeetha Sanal, Sheena V Kunnuth, Thushara George and Viji K Viswanathan were the contestants. The exclusive pageant celebrated the beauty, talent, and grace of women from Kerala, inspiring empowerment and equal opportunities. With distinguished guests in attendance, a deserving winner was crowned, leaving the audience in awe of the participants’ remarkable achievements.

Miss Queen Kerala 2024 Press Release

Cinda Padamadan Crowned As DQUE Miss Queen Kerala 2024

Pegasus Event Production Company has successfully organized the 12th edition of Miss Queen Kerala, which was presented by DQUE. The pageant was won by Cinda Padamadan, while Lekha Unnikrishnan Nair and Harsha Haridas were crowned as the first runner-up and second runner-up, respectively.

The ceremony took place at Le Meridian Kochi on May 13th, 2024, where the winners were honored by SAJ Hotels MD, Sajan Varghese. Dr Ajit Ravi Pegasus, the Chairman of Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd was present during the ceremony. A dazzling gold crown specially crafted by Preethi Parakkat of Parakkat Jewels graced the heads of each and every triumphant winner, in a truly befitting tribute to their remarkable achievements.

The judging panel included Dalu Krishnadas (Fashion Choreographer), Cerena Ann Johnson (Miss Queen Kerala 2022), Nikitha Thomas (Miss South India 2019) and Regi Bhaskar (Fashion Photographer). From a vast pool of candidates across the state, 14 individuals were chosen to participate in the event. The event featured three rounds, where the first round was showcased them in red ethnic wear, the second round had participants dressed in black cocktail attire and, the third round in white gown.

Subtitle Winners

Miss Talent: Nithesha C K

Miss Solidarity: Krishnendu G S

Miss Fashionista: Amrutha Lakshmi

Miss Perfect Ten: Harsha Haridas

Miss Congeniality: Dyuthi Kurian Puliyeli

Miss Ramp Walk: Shincy Prem

Miss Humaneness: Kalyani Ajith S

Miss Inspiring: Vishnupriya Rajhu

Miss Shining Star: Khulsum

Miss Vivacious: Renuka Reghu

Miss Tenacious: Athira P R

Miss Diligent: Sandhra V

The powered partners of event were Manappuram Finance Ltd, SAJ Earth Resorts, Medimix, Unique Times and Parakkat Resorts while co-partners included Kalpana International, Aiswaria Outdoor Media, St Joseph Hospital, FICF, Vee Kay Vees Caterers, Times New, Europe Times, UT World, Gireesh Photography, Neenu Pro The Sound Experts, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Alcazar, Akshay Inco and Green Media. The competition aimed to showcase the diverse and rich cultural values and promote tourism.

Amrutha Lakshmi, Athira P R, Cinda Padamadan, Dyuthi Kurian Puliyeli, Harsha Haridas, Kalyani Ajith S, Khulsum, Krishnendu G S, Lekha Unnikrishnan Nair, Nithesha C K, Renuka Reghu, Sandhra V, Shincy Prem and Vishnupriya Rajhu were the participants of the pageant.

Miss Queen of India 2024 Press Release

Harsha Sreekanth from Kerala crowned as DQUE Miss Queen of India 2024 along with Tamanna Bharat from Punjab as first runner-up and Himanshi Chhallani from Maharastra as second runner-up. The pageant was conducted on 13th May at Le Meridien, Kochi.

The winners were crowned by SAJ Hotels MD Sajan Varghese, while Pegasus Chairman Dr. Ajit Ravi crowned the first and second runners-up. 10 contestants were selected from around the nation for the Miss Queen of India competition. The contestants also had grooming session led by experts.

Regional Title Winners

Miss Queen North – Himanshi Chhallani

Miss Queen West – Tamanna Bharat

Miss Queen East – Anju Pandey

Miss Queen South – Aishwarya Pundlik Magdum

Subtitle Winners

Miss Congeniality – Akshatha Das

Miss Ramp Walk – Aishwarya Pundlik Magdum

Miss Fashionista – Anuradha Kumari

Miss Talent – Tamanna Bharat

Miss Shining Star – Swati Kumari

Miss Tenacious – Harsha Sreekanth

Miss Vivacious – Livya Liffy

Miss Solidarity – Himanshi Chhallani

Miss Diligent – Anju Pandey

Miss Inspiring – Meenakshi Unnikrishnan

The competition progressed in three rounds, Traditional (Lehenga), western wear and evening gown. The pageant organisers, Pegasus event Production Company is the only company in the nation which exempted the bikini round for the competition. The company has made a unique position for itself in the fashion industry. Miss Queen of India is a pathway to countable international pageants including Miss Asia, Miss Asia Global and Miss Glam World.

Hari Anand (Fashion Designer), Lakshmi Menon (Model and Actress), Lakshmi Atul (Director, Aries Group of Companies) and Rinky Shah (Influencer & Entrepreneur) were on the judging panel. The winners of the subtitles were selected by a panel of eminent persons. The winners of Miss Queen of India were presented with a gold crown designed by Preeti Prakash of Parakkat Jewellers.

DQUE 78 TFM Grade One Soap is the main partner of Miss Queen of India 2024 organized by Pegasus. Manappuram Finance Ltd, Unique Times, Parakkat Resorts, Ryoto Electrix and SAJ Group Hotels & Resorts are the powered by Partners.

Co-partners are Kalpana International Salon & Spa, Aiswaria Advertisements, Vee Kay Vees Caterers, Gireesh Photography, Europe Times, Times New, UT World, FICF, Alcazar, FICF, Green Media, Neenu Pro, Akshay Inco, St Joseph Hospital, and JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Aishwarya Pundlik Magdum from Karnataka, Akshatha Das from Tamil Nadu, Anju Pandey from West Bengal, Anuradha Kumari from Bihar, Harsha Sreekanth from Kerala, Himanshi Chhallani from Maharastra, Livya Liffy from Kerala, Meenakshi Unnikrishnan from Kerala, Swati Kumari from Jharkhand and Tamanna Bharat from Punjab were the contestants.

Miss Asia 2023 Press Release

Bashkortastan’s Iluza Isyandavletova Reigns Supreme as Miss Asia 2023 Queen

Iluza Isyandavletova, hailing from Bashkortastan, emerged victorious as Miss Asia 2023, with Aayushma Bajracharya of Nepal securing the first runner-up position. The second runner-up title went to Cerena Ann Johnson from the UAE, and Jinnapat Palsuea from Thailand claimed the third runner-up position. The prestigious crowning ceremony witnessed the presence of notable personalities such as former Miss Asia Winner Nguyen Thi Yen Trang, SAJ Group Hotels and Resorts CMD Sajan Varghese, Mini Sajan, CEO of SAJ Group Hotels and Resorts, and Jolly Antony, Chairman of Vibe Munnar. Dr. Ajit Ravi, Chairman of Pegasus, was also among the distinguished attendees.

Out of numerous hopefuls, 15 finalists emerged, showcasing their poise and elegance in three distinct rounds: the National Costume Round, the White Cocktail Round, and the Royal Blue Gown Round. Two contestants faced unexpected challenges, including visa issues, hindering their participation in the finals.

Prior to the finals, the contestants underwent grooming sessions organized by Pegasus, a renowned organization dedicated to nurturing young talents in the modeling industry. Pegasus played a pivotal role in preparing the participants for the global stage, exemplifying its commitment to empowering emerging talents.

The Miss Asia 2023 winners were adorned with splendid gold crowns designed by Preeti Prakash from Parakkat Jewellers. The event was coordinated by primary partners SAJ Group Hotels and Resorts and DQUE, organized by Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd. Additional support was provided by Unique Times, FICF, Vibe, Parakkat Resorts, DQUE Face and Body Skin Friendly Soap, Aiswaria Advertisements, Kalpana International, Times New, UT World, Europe Times, Photogenic Fashion and Weddings, Neenu Pro The Sound Experts, Green Media, Good Day Hotels and Resorts, Akshay Inco, Alcazar, FOG, St Joseph’s Hospital Trust, and JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Sub Title Winners:

Miss Asia Social Media: Nguyen Thi Kim Trang (Vietnam)

Miss Asia Fashionista: Chen Chia Pei (Taiwan)

Miss Asia Talent: Natalia Savina (Russia)

Miss Asia Diligent: Azhar Zhumabekova (Kazakhstan)

Miss Asia Inspiring: Aayushma Bajracharya (Nepal)

Miss Asia Vivacious: Risa Nakatani (Japan)

Miss Asia Shining Star: Ella Anak Apit (Malaysia)

Miss Asia Ramp Walk: Meurel Beverly Viegas (India)

Miss Asia Tenacious: Rashmi Subedra (Sri Lanka)

Miss Asia National Costume: Kalisa Putri (Indonesia)

Miss Asia Adorable: Cerena Ann Johnson (UAE)

Miss Asia Renaissance: Jinnapat Palsuea (Thailand)

The judging panel included esteemed individuals such as Rozanne Diasz, Miss Sri Lanka Universe 2005 and Grooming instructor, Alonkot Sungkahapong, CEO of Starfighter, Dr. Mahima Bhakshi, Model & Entrepreneur, Harmeet Singh Gupta, Managing Director of U&I Entertainment, and Rita Mathan, Owner of Pro Nail Studio. 

Contestants in the Miss Asia 2023 lineup featured Iluza Isyandavletova representing Bashkortastan, Meurel Beverly Viegas from India, Kalisa Putri representing Indonesia, Risa Nakatani from Japan, Azhar Zhumabekova from Kazakhstan, Ella Anak Apit from Malaysia, Nilar Linn from Myanmar, Aayushma Bajracharya from Nepal, Micaela Alexandra Taupo from the Philippines, Natalia Savina from Russia, Rashmi Subedra from Sri Lanka, Chen Chia Pei from Taiwan, Jinnapat Palsuea from Thailand, Cerena Ann Johnson from the UAE, and Nguyen Thi Kim Trang from Vietnam.

Miss South India 2023 Press Release

21st Miss South India Title won by Kerala’s Harsha Sreekanth
The 21st Miss South India 2023 title organized by Pegasus Global Private Limited in a joint venture of Manappuram Finance Limited and DQUE belongs to Kerala’s Harsha Sreekanth. Akshatha Das of Tamil Nadu became the first runner-up and Rosmin T of Kerala became the second runner-up. Saj Hotels and Resorts CMD Sajan Varghese crowned the winner and the first runner-up at the competition held at Kaloor Gokulam Convention Center on September 30.
Sobha Viswanath, owner of Weavers Village, crowned the second runner-up. Pegasus Chairman Dr. Ajit Ravi was present at the event. The winners were presented with golden tiaras encased in one gram of gold designed by Preethi Parakkat of Parakkat Jewels.
Also, the winner of Miss South India 2023 received a gift prize worth Rs 1,00,000, while the first runner-up and second runner-up received gift prizes worth Rs 60,000 and Rs 40,000 respectively. 19 contestants selected through various stages from more than 300 applicants from South India have lined up in the Miss South India 2023 pageant.
Saj Group Hotels and Resorts, Medimix, Unique Times, Parakkat Resorts, Alcazar are the Powered by Partners of the event. Aishwarya Advertising, UTWorld, FICF, UT TV, Times New, Kalpana International, Europe Times, Photogenic Wedding, Goodday Hotels and Resorts, Rotary Cochin SmartCity, Akshay Inc., Green Media, Neenu Pro The Sound Experts, JD Institute of Fashion and Technology are the co-partners.
Subtitle winners:

  1. Miss Perfect Ten – Cerena Ann
  2. Miss Congeniality – Akshatha Das
  3. Miss Ramp Walk – Aishwarya Pundlik Magdum
  4. Miss Photogenic – Akshatha Das
  5. Miss Social Media – Pragathi Yashas
  6. Miss Popular – Anuradha Kumari
  7. Miss Talent – Gowridev R Nair
  8. Miss Humanness – Liya Elizabeth Joshy
  9. Miss Adorable – Deepika Krishnamurthy
  10. Miss Sensational – Namrata Gollamandala
  11. Miss Vivacious – Dr. Dhalika
  12. Miss Renaissance – Livya Leffi
    Regional title winners
  13. Miss Queen Kerala – Livya Leffi
  14. Miss Queen Karnataka – Aishwarya Pundlik Magdum
  15. Miss Queen Andhra – Muskan Nayar
  16. Miss Tamil Nadu – Akshatha Das
  17. Miss Queen Telangana – Anusha Kantam

Aishwarya Pundlik Magdum (Karnataka), Akshatha Das (Tamil Nadu), Anuradha Kumari (Telangana), Anusha Kantam (Telangana), Cerena Ann Johnson (Kerala), Deepika Krishnamurthy (Karnataka), Dr. Dhalika (Tamil Nadu), Gowridev R Nair (Kerala), Harika Kapilavai (Andhra Pradesh), Harsha Sreekanth (Kerala), Keerthana S (Karnataka), Livya Leffi (Kerala), Liya Elizabeth Joshy (Kerala), Muskan Nayar (Andhra Pradesh), Namratha Gollamandala (Telangana), Pragathi Yashas (Karnataka), Rithika Reddy (Telangana), Rosmin T (Kerala) and Sreeja U (Andhra Pradesh) are the other contestants.

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