Miss Glam World 2023 Press Release

Manappuram SAJ Miss Glam World 2023 Is Now Owned By Zomky Tenzin From Belgium

Zomky Tenzin from Belgium bagged the Manappuram and SAJ presents Miss Glam World 2023 title along with Aayusha Pyakurel from Nepal as first runner-up and Samruddhi Shetty from India as second runner-up. The fourth edition of Miss Glam World was conducted on June 21st at Le Meridien, Kochi. Renowned for their expertise in event production, Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd took charge of organizing a truly remarkable and noteworthy event. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd proved once again why they are highly regarded in the industry, delivering an event that surpassed expectations and left a lasting impact on all those involved.

Sajan Varghese, CMD, SAJ Group Hotels and Resorts, and Dr Ajit Ravi, Chairman, Pegasus, crowned the winners of the Miss Glam World pageant with 13 beauties from around the world. Out of 40 contestants who applied for the Miss Glam World pageant, 16 were selected as finalists. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances such as visa cancellation and personal challenges, three contestants could not make it to the finals.

Dr Kuriachan (International Motivational Trainer), Rita Mathan (Owner, Pro Nails Studio), Brandina Lubuli (Mrs Glam World 2023 Winner) and Alesia Raut (Russian Model and Groomer) were on the judging panel. The winners of the subtitles were selected by a panel of eminent persons.

Parakkat Jewelers crafted the exquisite gold crown presented to the winners of Miss Glam World.

Sub Title Winners

Miss Glam World Solidarity – Miss Singapore

Miss Glam World Fashionista – Miss Australia

Miss Glam World Talent – Miss Sri Lanka

Miss Glam World Sensational – Miss Nepal

Miss Glam World Diligent – Miss Zambia

Miss Glam World Inspiring – Miss Japan

Miss Glam World Vivicious – Miss Italy

Miss Glam World Shining Star – Miss Iran

Miss Glam World Ramp Walk – Miss India

Miss Glam World Tenacious – Miss Serbia

Miss Glam World National Costume – Miss Belgium

Miss Glam World Adorable – Miss Taiwan

Miss Glam World Renaissance – Miss Russia

Manappuram Finance Ltd and SAJ Group Hotels and Resorts is the main partners of Miss Glam World 2023 organized by Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd. DQUE Watch, Unique Times, Alcazar and DQUE Face and Body Skin Friendly Soap are powered by Partners.

Co-partners are FICF, Parakkat Resort, Kalpana International, Times New, UT World, Aiswaria Advertisements, Europe Times, Photogenic Fashion and Weddings, UT TV, Neenu Pro The Sound Experts, Green Media, Good Day Hotels and Resorts, Akshay Inco and JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

The main objective behind organizing this competition is to showcase the rich and diverse cultural values of the country, while also promoting tourism. Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd distinguishes itself as the only company in the world that has chosen to eliminate the widely recognized Bikini round from their pageants. Instead, they prioritize talent and personality as the key criteria for evaluation.

Julia Ann Coutts from Australia, Zomky Tenzin from Belgium, Samruddhi Shetty from India, Aida from Iran, Sandra Lorenani from Italy, Risa Nakatani from Japan, Aayusha Pyakurel from Nepal, Darya Pyzhyanova from Russia, Venera Stanisavlievic from Serbia, Genevieve Tan from Singapore, Ruweena Sammani Gamaachchi Withanage from Srilanka, Chiu Ke-En from Taiwan and Laurisca Kalongo from Zambia were the contestants.

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