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Miss South India 2020 Press Release

January 18th 2020: Miss South India 2020 Press release
In the eighteenth edition of Miss South India organised at Luxotica Convention Centre in Kannur, Aiswarya S, from Kerala, has become the title winner.

Meanwhile, Vidhya Vijayakumar (Kerala) has been awarded the first runner up title, and Shivani Rai (Karnataka) has been felicitated with the second runner up title.
The title winner has been crowned by former Miss South India winner Nikitha Thomas. At the same time, the first and second runner ups have crowned actress Ambika and actress Abhiramy respectively.
The certificates and other awards for the winners have been presented by Manappuram Finance Limited General Manager and Chief PRO Sanoj Herbert.
A huge prize worth at least one lakh and fifty thousand Indian Rupees and a diamond ring contributed by Kirtilals have been gifted to the title winner. The first and second runner ups have received seventy five thousand Indian Rupees and fifty thousand Indian Rupees respectively.
Miss South India is the first step towards popular International beauty contest Miss Asia.
Manappuram Finance Limited is the prime partner of the event, in which at least 23 beauties from all the five major South Indian states have participated. Mahindra, DQ Watches, Saj Earth Resorts and SajaaS Designer Boutique are the main powered by partners of the event.
The event has been conducted in association with Rotary Club Kannur.
The contestants have been judged by a team of experienced people possess years of experience in the fashion and entertainment sector.
Apart from the main titles, the team has also selected several subtitle and regional title winners.
Regional title winners
Miss Tamil Nadu: Deepthie S
Miss Queen Andhra: Sugamya Sankar
Miss Queen Karnataka: Shwetha Rao
Miss Queen Kerala: Mariya James
Miss Queen Telangana: Spandhanah Roselene
Subtitle Winners
Miss Beautiful Hair: Sini M (Karnataka)
Miss Beautiful Acting Face: Mariya James (Kerala)
Miss Congeniality: Pallavi Sushil (Kerala)
Miss Catwalk: Kaamna Batra (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Talent: Vidhya Vijayakumar (Kerala)
Miss Photogenic: Lavanya A (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Viewers Choice: Sugamya Sankar (Andhra Pradesh)
Miss Social Media: Aiswarya S (Kerala)
Miss Humanness: Mariya James (Kerala)
The grooming sessions of the beauty contest, which is broadly divided into at least three major rounds such as the designer saree round, red cocktail round and the black gown round, commenced on 14th January 2020 in Kochi. The sessions in yoga, meditation, personality development, beauty care, catwalk, photoshoot and talent search has bestowed the contestants with renewed confidence. Notably, the sessions were handled by experts in the field of fashion.
The contestants for the Miss South India 2020, like always, were selected through a transparent audition process. The audition sessions were conducted in at least five major cities across South India such as Kochi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.
Aiswarya S (Kerala), Anjali Menon (Kerala), Deepthie S (Tamil Nadu), Divyapriya Sivam (Tamil Nadu), Ishwarya Pagalavan (Tamil Nadu), Kaamna Batra (Tamil Nadu), Krishnanjana K S (Kerala), Lavanya A (Tamil Nadu), Mariya James (Kerala), Megha Shetty (Karnataka), Neha S (Karnataka), Pallavi Sushil (Kerala), Pooja Ratnam (Telangana), Samruddi V Shetty (Karnataka), Shivani Rai (Karnataka), Shwetha Jayaram (Kerala), Shwetha Rao (Karnataka), Sini M (Karnataka), Sonia Karthikeyan (Tamil Nadu), Spandhanah Roselene (Telangana), Sreelakshmi C (Kerala), Sugamya Sankar (Andhra Pradesh), Vidhya Vijayakumar (Kerala) are the contestants of the beauty contest.
Kalpana Family Salon and Spa, Parakkat Jewellers, Unique Times, Fashion Connect, Dream Catcher and Aiswarya Advertising are the event partners of the Miss South India 2020.

Pegasus Global Private Limited

Miss South India 2019 Press Release

Ms. Nikita Thomas from Kerala Crowned Manappuram
Miss South India 2019

With the crown on her head, Nikita Thomas, from Kerala stood before the
audience today as Miss South India 2019 in the seventeenth edition presented
by Manappuram Finance Ltd, an event organised by Dr.Ajit Ravi, at Hotel Le-
Meridien Coimbatore. Manappuram Finance Limited is the prime partner of the
event hosted by Pegasus in association with Rotary Club of Coimbatore
Texcity. Ms. Tarini Kalingarayar from Tamil Nadu and Ms. Deepa Thomas
from Kerala were the first and second runner up respectively. Previous year
winner Ms. Lakshmi Menon crowned the overwhelmed Miss South India 2019
winner. MD & CEO of Manappuram Finance Ltd Mr.V P Nandakumar
crowned the first and second runners up.
In this event, at least twenty-four beautiful ladies from five different South
Indian states competed for the title. In addition, DQUE watches, SAJ Earth
Resort & convention centre, Josco Jewellers and UT World.in are the powered-
by-partners of the event.

The grooming session for this competition, which had the prime rounds such as
designer saree, red cocktail and black gown rounds,was commenced from
January 30 th  in SAJ Earth Resort & convention centre, Kochi. The session,
which was handled by prominent personalities in the modelling sector, and
which aimed to impart knowledge in yoga, meditation, personality
development, beauty care, catwalk, photo shoot and talent search to the
contestants, helped the ladies to gain more confidence.
Eminent personalities from the film and fashion sectors were present in the
judging panel of the event for judging and guiding the contestants. The Judges
were, Mrs. Uma Riyas Khan, Mr. Siddhaanth Surryavanshi, Mrs. Toshma Biju,
Mr. Kuriyachan and Ms. Alesia Raut.
The cash prize for the winner was one lakh Indian rupees and the first runner-up
was given sixty thousand Indian rupees. The cash prize for the second runner up
was forty thousand Indian rupees. The cash prizes were gifted by
Manappuram Finance Limited. The winners were crowned with the golden
crown designed by Parakkat Jewellers.
Apart from the winners, the judging panel selected the regional title winners and
the sub-title winners.

The regional title winners are:
Miss Queen Andhra : Nandita Kaviti
Miss Queen Karnataka : Rashmi Madhuri
Miss Queen Kerala : Konchitha John
Miss Queen Telangana : Deepika Vaddani
Miss Tamil Nadu : Tarini Kalingarayar
The Sub-title winners are:
Miss Beautiful Hair : Akila Narayanan (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Beautiful Smile : Deepa Thomas (Kerala)
Miss Beautiful Skin : Tarini Kalingarayar (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Beautiful Face : Sharlett Riya (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Beautiful Eyes : Rashmi Madhuri (Karnataka)
Miss Congeniality : Laila Abuwani (Telangana),
Miss Personality : Deepika Vaddani (Telangana)
Miss Catwalk : Konchitha John (Kerala)
Miss Perfect Ten : Nikita Thomas (Kerala)
Miss Talent : Niranjana Suresh (Kerala)
Miss Photogenic : Deepa Thomas (Kerala)
Miss Viewers’ Choice : Ashwini Reddy (Andhra Pradesh)
Miss Social Media : Jismi Thomas (Kerala)
Miss Fitness : Shivani Jain (Tamil Nadu)
Miss Humaneness : Akila Narayanan (Tamil Nadu)

The contestants have been selected through foolproof audition sessions
organised in Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad. Only
invited guests were permitted access to the venue where the program took place.
Those received the invitation have been advised to wear black or red coloured
Miss South India is the first step towards the International beauty contests Miss
Asia and Miss Glam World. Pegasus Chairman Dr. Ajit Ravi said that Miss
South India is the only platform in the world where the competitors can enter
the international competitions without the Bikini round.

Contestants: Akila Narayanan (Tamil Nadu), Amiksha Pawar (Telangana),
Ashwini Reddy (Andhra Pradesh), Bhavana Sirpa (Telangana), Deepa Thomas
(Kerala), Deepika Vaddani (Telangana), Harshada Kasat (Telangana), Jismi
Thomas (Kerala), Konchitha John (Kerala), Laila Abuwani (Telangana), Meera

George (Kerala), Nandita Kaviti (Andhra Pradesh), Niketha Shetty (Karnataka),
Nikita Thomas (Kerala), Niranjana Suresh (Kerala), Pragathi Rajpurohit (Tamil
Nadu), Priyanka Arora (Karnataka), Rashmi Madhuri (Karnataka), Sharlett Riya
(Tamil Nadu), Shivani Jain (Tamil Nadu), Sini M (Karnataka), Tarini
Kalingarayar (Tamil Nadu), Valentina Shekar (Karnataka), Vinaya Naresh
(Tamil Nadu).