Mrs Kerala Global 2021 Press Release

On November 2021 in a beauty pageant conducted by Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd Aiswarya Jayachandran crowned as Mrs Kerala Global. The winner was crowned with a gold crown designed by Parakkat Jewelers. C K Kumaravel crowned the winner. Hannah Reji Koshy (actress and model), C K Kumaravel (CEO and Co-founder of Groom India Salon & Spa Pvt Ltd), Deepa B Lal (model and beauty pageant winner) and Shivani Rai (model and beauty pageant winner) was on the judging panel.

Pegasus Global Pvt Limited is an event production company which conducts national and international beauty pageants. It is one of the well-established event production companies in India, which has firmly marked its footprints in fashion, and many more challenging areas from the past 2 decades. Unsurprisingly, they have successfully conducted some of the prestigious national and international fashion events in India. They are successfully continuing their journey with nearly 2300 events till now.

Some of the coveted beauty pageants are Miss South India, Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia, Miss Asia Global, Miss Glam World, Mrs Glam world, Mrs South India, Miss Queen Kerala, Miss TamilNadu, Mrs TamilNadu, and Mrs South India. The competition was organized according to the protocol set by the government in the context of the Covid spread.

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